Please call, EMAIL, or stop in to sign up for summer classes and workshops.

3 Saturdays Fusing Workshop

You will begin in the first Saturday class learning the Technical aspects, such as kiln loading, programming, project evaluation, problem solving and cutting techniques. Throughout this class we will be using System 96.


We will then move forward in the following classes making various projects such as: pendants, tiles, plates and bowls. 

Class Length: 3 day sessions

Fee: $125.00 some glass purchase required. We will supply glass stringers, noodles, frits and some smaller glass pieces to be decorated.

Date:  Saturday February 9th, 16th and 23rd 2013

Bring glass cutters, groziers and running pliers if you have them.


Beginning Stained Glass Class

Norwood Custom Glass would like to welcome Tim Hilderbrand. He will be teaching the Beginning Stained Glass Class.


In this class you will learn the basic skills that are required to complete a Stained Glass Window from start to finish.  You will learn how to cut glass, foil, solder, and frame your window. Then you will polish your finished piece to take home.


Class Length: 6 weeks -2 hour sessions each week

Fee: $125.00 plus tools and materials

Date: Beginning Tuesday Jan 29 - March 5 

Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Please bring all of your glass tools with you to each class.


Advanced Stained Glass

The prerequisite to attending this Lead Class is that you already know the Stained Glass basics of cutting, grinding and soldering.  We will build a panel of moderate size.  You will learn leading basics, mudding (cementing), and when it is necessary to re-enforce a window.   You will then clean and polish your finished piece to take home.!!


Class Length: 6 weeks

Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Date: Jan. 30th - March 6th 2013

Fee: $125  plus tools and materials


We will have the System 96 precuts available and scrap will be provided as well as noodles, stringers, confetti and frit.  Bails and diachronic glass are also available for purchase.  We require a $25.00 deposit to secure your space.



Norwood Custom Glass also sets up classes for groups, i.e., company outings, school groups, scout groups, garden and quilting clubs or just a Ladies Night out!  Call to set up time and date!!  (It is so much FUN!!!)


Call the studio for more details




















If you have a group that would like to join a workshop together on a date that is not listed here please contact Norwood Custom Glass to work out a date.


Stan Sabick
Norwood Custom Glass
2501 Norwood Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio  45212


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